Ning’s baby joy

  • September 27, 2012
  • News

Ning Baizura shares with Hizreen Kamal her happiness and excitement about becoming a mother soon.

The couple’s bundle of joy is expected to arrive in January.

WITH her shoulder-length hair and megawatt smile, Ning Baizura Hamzah radiates a joyful glow. The soprano announced that she was five months’ pregnant at a special Press conference recently. This is her first pregnancy after tying the knot with Omar Sharif Christopher Layton in 2008.

Omar has two daughters aged 9 and 10 from a previous marriage. The girls live with their mother in Ireland.

The couple’s bundle of joy is expected to arrive at end of January.

“Our prayers have been answered. I feel very blessed and am very excited to become a mother,” says Ning.

While every woman takes to pregnancy differently, the singer has embraced it well.

Wearing an ankle length empire cut dress which showed off her baby bump, Ning says she is not obsessed about weight gain. “I have put on 3kg but I feel good,” she says.

Ning, whose hits include Curiga, Pasti and Awan Yang Terpilu, has had a relatively easy pregnancy so far and did not experience morning sickness, aches or food cravings.

“I have heard stories from friends who experienced discomfort during pregnancy. I feel very blessed that it has been smooth sailing for me so far,” she says, adding that the pregnancy came as a surprise as two years ago, she had blood clots in her bladder and doctors told her then that she might not be able to conceive. But Ning remained optimistic.

She underwent surgery to remove the blood clots and was put on medication, which included birth control pills, for two years.

“I took six months to recuperate.”

Last December, Ning decided to stop taking the medication and her doctors gave her the go-ahead. “I wanted to have a baby,” she says.

For a start, she followed her mother’s advice to eat right and soon, she found out that she had conceived.

“I was over the moon and very relieved. But honestly, I did not expect it to happen so soon.”

So is it going to be a girl or a boy?

“I don’t know yet. I hope it’s a girl so I can dress her up in cute girly clothes. On the other hand, Omar wants a boy since he already has two adorable girls,” says Ning.

However, she admits that they are not particular about the baby’s gender. “As long as the baby is healthy, we’ll be happy,” she says, adding that she has been reading a lot about parenting and the different methods of giving birth.

“I haven’t decided on a birthing method yet. I want to make sure I understand all the options before making a decision.”

The couple have yet to shop for baby items. Ning says: “Some friends have given their suggestions on what is necessary and what to get. We will probably start shopping closer to the delivery date.”

Meanwhile, she is still taking on singing jobs until December as she finds staying at home “boring”.

“I need to work and stay on top of my game,” says Ning, who enjoys yoga and pilates.

She also plans to come out with an album with five or six tracks by year end. “It will feature lullabies as well as old and new songs,” she says happily.