My Husband’s First Marathon

  • June 28, 2011
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If you read all the guide books of how to prepare for a marathon, they say drink lots of water, hydrate on isotonic drinks from 3 days before hand and get to bed early the night before.

In my case, I did the first two, but the later, well a 12 hour delayed flight back from Manila on the Saturday did not help. Ning and I got home at 11pm. The kl marathon started at 5am. By the time I got all my stuff ready it was midnight and with less than 3 hours sleep I got up at 3am to get ready. Jin my running partner picked me up and off we went to Dataran Merdaka.

With this being my first marathon, I was not sure what to expect. The masses of people, you could feel the excitement and anxiety. When I train I try to keep my heart rate in zone 2, which for me is around 135 to 148. At the sound off the gun, of we went, my heart rate was much higher than normal 165 per minute. I thought it was just due to adrenalin, but it never came down. The lack of sleep wasn’t helping! I ran the whole 42km with an average heart rate of 165!

The first 10k passes quickly as you run with the crowd and spend most of the time avoiding other runners (something you don’t do during training) this was a new experience. The other object i had to avoid as cars! I didn’t expect to be running down the middle of Jalan Tun Razak with cars passing either side of me! With two near misses on the route I was glad to get out un scathed!

Runners talk about hitting a wall. About not being able to go any further. I think this happened to me at about 35km. I started to feel the strength in my right thigh leave me. So when I stopped to stretch it out, I got cramp in my hamstring instead. Double whammy, not much to do but run it out! At 35km the toughest part of the route hits you. The climb up to the Kuching Duta roundabout and run through Bukit Tunku! This is where I switched to listening to Ning’s new album DEWA, it gave me the inspiration to keep going and keep running.

The end could not come soon enough, the last 2k seem like 5k! There are lots of people cheering you on, but they are all a blur. I heard them cheering and shouting, but it wasn’t registering! All I could think about was the end! A friend of mine shout out my name and cheered, I waved back, that’s as much as I could do!

Now it’s the day after, my legs are recovering and I strangely want to do it again. See if I can improve my time! So it looks like running will be

My thing to keep fit till I’m at old age! Never thought it would be, I was never runner, but now I can call myself a marathon runner!

Chris Dalton

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