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  • January 26, 2011
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I’ve been given a chance by a friend of mine to do this exclusive review. So a BIG thank you is in order.

I present to you, the most anticipated album of the year ‘3 SUARA’.


01 – It’s a Beautiful Life
02 – Menari Dalam Hujan
03 – Seisi Hatimu
04 – Di Mana Di Mana
05 – Beribu Sesalan
06 – Hanya Satu
07 – Mengenangmu
08 – Tomorrow’s Calling
09 – Teman
10 – Beribu Sesalan (Acoustic Version)


‘3 Suara’ is collaborative effort between three of our country’s most amazing singers, Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor and Shila Hamzah. For the first time, these three powerhouses are combined in this 10-song album. In this album, every song is performed as a vocal group. Therefore, do not expect any solo numbers because you will not find any.

How do you combine 3 different singers with unique voice of each own in 10 different songs? It’s definitely a work of art. The production needs to be specific and detailed from the music to vocal arrangement, in order to ensure the songs suit each singer and the quality is up to the standard.

The amazing thing with this album is, it has just all that. Every song is produced perfectly with beautiful melodies and executed flawlessly by this trio. The captivating album opener ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’ gives the listeners an idea of what to expect. It’s a Malay number full of energy and definitely will get your feet going. It follows by another upbeat number ‘ Menari Dalam Hujan’, a song with a strong 70’s vibe into it. Another track that has the same flair is ‘Hanya Satu’. Both songs are great on their own and somehow remind me of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’. The first single of the album ‘Dimana Dimana’ is a catchy tune with an excellent combination of R&B and Latin music. If you love J.Lo’s ‘If You Had My Love’, then this song might bring back those memories of good R&B music.

‘Beribu Sesalan’ is undeniably one the best songs in the album. The track combines magnificent music arrangement and beautiful vocals that emote sincerity and compassion. The acoustic version is awesome too. The girls continue to impress in three other slow numbers. ‘Seisi Hatimu’, ‘Teman’ and ‘MengenangMu’ are the epitome of how great power ballads should be, especially the latter one. Each has its own story but what makes them so special is the affection they bring.

‘Tomorrow’s Calling’ completes the album with its story about the hope of a better world for our children. It’s an uplifting English song that would inspire the listeners to ponder on life and what would it be it the future.

As a whole ‘3 Suara’ could be described as outstanding. Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura, and Shila Hamzah prove that they are the gems of our music world with phenomenal vocal performances. Hats off also to the composers and the production team for delivering a world-class music to us.

The album is available now, so don’t forget to grab a copy, or more. It’ll worth every penny. Enjoy!

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