10 inspiring working mothers in KL

by oya on Oct.11, 2016, under News

Mothers know best, whether or not we’ve come to accept it. The past few years have seen a definite increase in power mums (or at least recognition of), as we continue to wonder how they do it all. Just taking care of ourselves can sometimes be challenging, what more to serve and manage an entire household while having a day job at the same time.

This year, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’d like to share with you 10 inspiring mothers in KL that we could learn a thing or two from — be it overcoming daily tasks or just staying stylish in all the craziness.

We’re excited to be meeting a few of the mothers on this list at our private screening of the movie Mother’s Day tonight at TGV Cinemas Indulge theatre! Stay tuned to Lifestyleasia.com/KL to see how our fun movie night out goes.

Click through for a powerful dose of motherly and womanly inspiration.

Singer and actress Ning Baizura



Ning Baizura

Singer and actress Ning Baizura (@ningdalton) is obsessed with her son, Ryan, and it shows on her Instagram feed. Adorable Ryan is seen everywhere on her feed, as is hubby Chris Dalton, in pictures of the family’s vacations. What we also love is the inspirational words she regularly posts — after all, thought-provoking words are the best kind.


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