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Ning Baizura (born on 28th June 1975), popularly known as Ning, is a Malaysian pop and R&B , Soulful Diva who records and sings in several different languages, including Bahasa Malaysia , English, Japanese, Italian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese. She was born in Kajang, Malaysia from an Arab, Malay,Dutch, Indian Chinese and Javanese parents.


Ning crossed over into the commercial scene in 1992 and became a recording artiste under various international labels (Sony, BMG, AMS Records Japan, Warner Music Group, and currently in Sept 2008 her own music label HappeNings Records), where she recorded within the genres of pop, soul and R&B. Her discography includes 10 full studio albums (three of which are full English albums), as well as numerous compilations. Ning has also won various Music industry awards and prizes, and has performed in the UK, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan ,Monte Carlo, Monaco, Switzerland and United States.

Ning is best known for her live stage performances. She is vibrant and super energetic on stage, has always mesmerized her audience with an extensive repertoire and her versatility.She is also an actress and has taken roles in musicals, ten major films, short films and several tele-movies.in Most significant is her critically acclaimed performance in the short film ‘Malaikat Di Jendela’ (Angel by My Window), directed by Osman Ali.She played a role of a mid wife who was ostracized from her village because her husband had died of HIV. She single handedly vowed the audience on a journey that she embarked after her husbands death. The short film had participated in several film festivals in Cannes, Rotterdam and Singapore. Beside singing and acting, Ning is also a certified violinist and pianist. At a tender age of 9 she played 1st violin in the National Youth Symphony Orchestra (Malaysia).She also had her vocal training at the of 9 from an international opera linguist “Siti Chairani” from Indonesia who was educated at “The Vienna Conservatoire”.

In 2006, Ning set up her own recording company, ‘Artiste United Records (AUR)’. Her stable of artistes are her proteges, Nicolette Palikat or ‘Nikki’ from Malaysian Idol Season 1) and Siti Surianie Julkarim (Yanie) (from Mentor Season 1), as well as Ahmad Nubhan Ahamad (Nubhan) from Akademi Fantasia, Season 6 . Meanwhile her latest English album ‘EastToWest’was released in Malaysia on 10th of March 2008.

Worked with Yasmin Ahmad ( she is one of the most hot and sizzling Malaysian film director), in the controversial movie “Muallaf” (The Convert) . Movie has won several international awards in Europe including The Berlin Film Fest and Singapore Film Fest.

Currently Ning Baizura has become an independent business woman and started her own Event , Management ,Production House & Record label called “HappeNings (M) Sdn. Bhd. Her first produced TV show was aired on the local TV Station on Jan 4th. It was a recorded “Concert with Ning on Zoom In TV2”. She will be releasing her new Hip Hop single ‘MIMPI’ with DJ Altimet in January 2009. Followed by her second single in March. Currently, She is a Vocal Mentor for 8TV’s “One In A Million Season 3” (a reality TV singing show) for this season 2009. She will be working on another musical film in March 2009 entitles ‘Majika’.


Dekat Padamu (Sony Music, 1993)

Curiga • Mungkin • Gersang • Damai • Untuk Apa • Dekat Padamu • Gelora • Kerana Fitnah • Cinta Pertama • Dugaanku

  • This album won the Album Of The Year award at Anugerah Industri Muzik 1993 (AIM ’93).
  • ‘Curiga’ won Best Ballad at the Juara Lagu 1994 and was nominated for Song Of The Year at AIM ’93. The music video was nominated for Best Music Video at AIM ’93
  • ‘Mungkin’ was in the finals of Juara Lagu 1994 under the Best Pop/Rock Song category.
  • It was for this album that Ning was crowned Best New Artiste and was nominated for Best Female Vocal Performance An An Album at AIM ’93.
  • ‘Curiga’ was re-recorded as a duet with Fairuz Hussein in 2001 and received a nomination for Best Music Arrangement In A Song at AIM 2001.
  • Track list:
    1.  Curiga
    2.  Mungkin
    3. Gersang
    4.  Damai
    5.  Untuk Apa
    6.  Dekat Padamu
    7.  Gelora
    8.  Kerana Fitnah
    9.  Cinta Pertama
    10. Dugaanku

(Sony Music, 1994)

Pasti • Kau & Aku • Sangsi • Warna • Share My Dream • Penjara Kasih • Berdansa • Izinkan • Fiesta • In Another Life

  • This album won the Best Pop Album award at Anugerah Industri Muzik 1994 (AIM ’94).
  • ‘Kau & Aku’ won Best Pop/Rock Song at the Juara Lagu 1995.
  • ‘Pasti’ was in the semifinals of Juara Lagu 1995 under the Best Ballad category while its music video was nominated for Best Music Video at AIM ’94.
  • ‘In Another Life’ topped radio charts in Malaysia and Singapore. It spent an amazing 11 weeks atop Singapore radio charts. This song has been covered by several international singers, most notably American actress/singer Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hong Kong diva Sandy Lam.
  • Ning also received nominations for Best Female Vocal Performance In An Album and Album Of The Year at AIM ’94 for this album.
  • Track list:
    1.  Pasti
    2.  Kau & Aku
    3.  Sangsi
    4.  Warna
    5.  Share My Dream
    6.  Penjara Kasih
    7.  Berdansa
    8.  Izinkan
    9.  Fiesta
    10. In Another Life

(RCA/BMG Records, 1995)

Percaya • Cemburu • Asmara • Teguh • Getaran Rinduku • Kau Pelitaku • Antara Kita • Ingin Bersamamu • Saat Yang Indah • Apabila Impian Menjelma • You & I

  • This album was produced by American Mark J. Feist whose working credits at that time included Shanice and Pebbles. Mark went on to produce songs for Celine Dion, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Joss Stone, Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole and many others.
  • As most songs were composed and produced by foreigners, the album did not qualify for major categories at Anugerah Industri Muzik 1995 (AIM ’95).
  • ‘Teguh’, composed and produced by Harikrish Menon, was nominated for Song Of The Year, while the music video for ‘You & I’ received a nod for Best Music Video at AIM ’95.
  • Ning broke into the Indonesian music market thanks to a duet with Indonesian singer, Hedi Yunus on the track ‘Antara Kita’ which was also re-recorded in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Track list:
    1.  Percaya
    2.  Cemburu
    3.  Asmara
    4.  Teguh
    5.  Getaran Rinduku
    6.  Kau Pelita Ku
    7.  Antara Kita
    8.  Ingin Bersama Mu
    9.  Saat Yang Indah
    10. Kini Dan Selamanya
    11. Apabila Impian Menjelma
    12. You & I

Ke Sayup Bintang
(RCA/BMG Records, 1996)

Satu Fantasi • Sayang Di Sayang • Alangkah • Sendiri • Kembali • Sementara • Biarkan • Kata Hati • Mana • Ke Sayup Bintang • My Journey

  • The album earned Ning two nominations at Anugerah Industri Muzik 1996 for Best Female Vocal Performance In An Album and Best Pop Album.
  • Renowned Japanese saxaphonist Sadao Watanabe was featured on the track ‘Mana’.
  • Ning covered ‘Sayang Di Sayang’, a keroncong classic originally sung by Kartina Dahari.
  • The remix of ‘Alangkah’ became a hit on Malaysia’s premier English radio station Hitz FM.
  • The album was picked up by Japanese producers who later signed Ning to record an album in Japan.
  • Track list:
    1.  Satu Fantasi
    2.  Sayang Di Sayang
    3.  Alangkah
    4.  Sendiri
    5.  Kembali
    6.  Sementara
    7.  Biarkan
    8.  Kata Hati
    9.  Mana
    10.Ke Sayup Bintang
    11.My Journey (bonus track)

(RCA/BMG Records, 1997)

Human • Always • Just Believe • Angel Of My Heart • Baby Please • Colors Of The Wind • Just Wanna Get Close To You • You & I • It Don’t Matter • You Promised But You Lied

  • American producer Mark J. Feist was once again roped in to produce this album, which happens to be Ning’s first English album.
  • The album included three remakes – Human League’s Human, Pebbles’ Always and Vanessa Williams’ Colors Of The Wind.
  • Human was a hit on local English radio stations. The music video was spun on MTV Asia.
  • ‘Angel Of My Heart’ was covered by Filipino singer Karylle in 2001.
  • Track list:
    1.  Human
    2.  Always
    3.  Just Believe
    4.  Angel Of My Heart
    5.  Baby Please
    6.  Colors Of The Wind
    7.  Just Wanna Get Close To You
    8.  You & I
    9.  It Don’t Matter
    10.You Promised But You Lied

(BMG Records, 1999)

Engkau Masih Di Hatiku • Romantika • Mencari Damai • Cintamu Milikku • Sungguh • Hanya Yang Terbaik • Dalam Bayang Ada Cinta • Lenalah Sayang • Pujaanku • Aku Rindu Padamu

  • This album is laden with Malay Pop elements, a deflection from her usual soul/R&B tracks.
  • This was the last album released before Ning went into a hiatus as a result of a controversial men’s magazine interview.
  • Track list:
    1. Engkau Masih Di Hatiku
    2. Romantika
    3. Mencari Damai
    4. Cintamu Milikku
    5. Sungguh
    6. Hanya Yang Terbaik
    7. Dalam Bayang Ada Cinta
    8. Lenalah Sayang
    9. Pujaanku
    10.Aku Rindu Padamu

Natural Woman
(AMS Records, 2001)

Wishin’ On A Star • No No • Natural Woman • Trippin’ • Tell Me Why • Keep On Movin’ • Angel Of My Heart • Natural Woman (Japanese Version)

  • This album was produced in Japan by Chika Asamoto and Masaki Ueda.
  • Ning covered Rose Royce’s 70s classic Wishin’ On A Star (which has also been covered by The Cover Girls and Beyonce Knowles) and re-recorded Angel Of My Heart which was previously featured on her album Always.
  • This album was exclusively for the Japanese market and was never released in Malaysia.
  • Track list:
    1. Wishing On A Star
    2. No No
    3. Natural Woman
    4. Trippin’
    5. Tell Me Why
    6. Keep On Movin’
    7. Angel Of My Heart
    8. Natural Woman (Japanese version)

Selagi Ada … Ning
(Warner Music, 2003)

Kembali • Semalam • Selagi Ada (Cinta) • Pada Aksinya • A.M.C. (Aku Mahu Cinta) • Fikirkan • Warna Hati • Di Sisimu • Hargai Cinta • Ku Kesali

  • This was Ning’s ‘comeback’ album which earned her 7 nominations at the 12th Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM12).
  • ‘Selagi Ada (Cinta)’ was judged Song Of The Year at AIM12. The song also made the finals of Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) under the Best Ballad category.
  • ‘Kembali’ was in the semifinals of AJL under the Best Pop/Rock Song category.
  • This album also earned Ning 4 nominations at Anugerah Planet Muzik.
    Purchase on iTunes here.
  • Track list:
    1.   Prelude
    2.   Kembali
    3.   Semalam
    4.   Selagi Ada… (Cinta)
    5.   Pada Aksinya
    6.   A.M.C (Aku Mahu Cinta)
    7.   Fikirkan
    8.   Warna Hati
    9.   Di Sisimu
    10. Harga Cinta
    11. Ku Kesali
    12. Postlude

Erti Pertemuan
(Warner Music, 2005)

Awan Yang Terpilu • Erti Pertemuan • Bukan Sebarangan • Bebaskan • Takdir • Menu Minggu Ini • Senang Tari • Bersama • Ini Yang Dikata Cinta • Dikau • Breathe Again • Kepulangan Yang Terindah

  • Ning earned 8 nominations at the 14th Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM 14) with this album, of which she won 4 awards.
  • ‘Awan Yang Terpilu’ took home awards for Song Of The Year and Best Music Video. The album won Best Pop Album and Best Album Cover.
  • The album also earned her 2 nominations at Anugerah Planet Muzik.
  • ‘Awan Yang Terpilu’ competed in the finals of Anugerah Juara Lagu, while ‘Senang Tari’ made it to the semifinals in the same competition.
    Purchase on iTunes here.
  • Track list:
    1.  Awan Yang Terpilu
    2.  Erti Pertemuan duet. bersama Jay Jay
    3.  Bukan Sebarangan
    4.  Bebaskan
    5.  Takdir
    6.  Menu Minggu Ini
    7.  Senang Tari lagu tema untuk filem pendek ‘Pua’
    8.  Bersama
    9.  Ini Yang Di Kata Cinta
    11.Breathe Again
    12.Kepulangan Yang Terindah

East To West
(BM Records/EQ Music, 2008)

Tango In Paris • Real Maneater • Sharpening Your Blade • Age Of Pollution • Water & Salt • Assassina • EastToWest Express • Again • A Matter Of Time • Senseless And Blind • Mother • Drama

  • This album was produced in London and released throughout Europe and America.
  • Recording took place at Jamestown Studios, which has hosted Madonna, Mick Jagger, Seal and Robbie Williams.
  • One of the notable composers in this album is Scobie Ryder who has worked with Jamiroquai.
  • World famous flutist Andrea Griminelli, who has performed with Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John and James Taylor, is featured on the track Water & Salt.
  • Tracklist:
    1.  A Matter of Time
    2.  Again
    3.  Age Of Pollution
    4.  Assassina
    5.  Drama (English Remix)
    6.  East To West Express
    7.  Mother
    8.  Senseless and Blind
    9.  Sharpening Your Blade
    10.Tango In Paris
    11.Watch Out!
    12.Water and Salt (Feat. Andrea Griminelli)
  • Purchase on iTunes here.

3 Suara (English: Three voices) is a collaborative album by three Malaysian singers.
Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura and Shila.
The album was released on January 6, 2011 by Sony Music Malaysia.

The concept of the album is the sound of Malaysian pop music in the 80′s and the 90′s. It is said that the inspirations for the album are the local women singers from the 80′s such as Noorkumalasari, Francissca Peter, Zaiton Sameon and more.

01 – It’s a Beautiful Life
02 – Menari Dalam Hujan
03 – Semua Isi Hatimu
04 – Di Mana Di Mana
05 – Beribu Sesalan
06 – Hanya Satu
07 – Mengenangmu
08 – Tomorrow’s Calling
09 – Teman
10 – Beribu Sesalan (Acoustic Version)

NING – DEWA (2011)
Penerbit: Audi Mok
Juru Rakam: Audi Mok@ Fuse
Kreatif: Sharon Wong / Aida Khalid
Fotografi: Bustamam Mokhtar

1.Raksasa (Audi Mok/Pam Yuen/Ad Samad)
2.Sampai (Audi Mok/Nurfatimah)
3.Bila (Audi Mok/Nurfatimah)
4.Mama Papa (Audi Mok/Ad Samad)
5.Pencarian (Audi Mok/Nurfatimah)
6.Propaganda (Audi Mok/Ning)
7.Alhamdulillah (Audi Mok/Nurfatimah)
8.Aku Bukan Dewa (Pam Yuen/Ad Samad)

NING – Kekal (2014)

1.”Pelangi Untukmu”    3:24
2.”Bukan Wanita Sempurna”    4:37
3.”Embunan Bersinar”    4:40
4.”Curiga”    4:02
5.”Pasti”    3:55
6.”Kau Dan Aku”    4:25
7.”Ke Sayup Bintang”    4:08
8.”Penjara Kasih”    3:43
9.”Dugaanku”    4:20
10.”In Another Life”    3:37
11.”Antara Kita” (menampilkan Russell Curtis)  4:23

Compilation Albums

A Little Romancing: The Best Of Ning Baizura (Sony Music, 1996)
Koleksi Abadi Ning (Sony Music, 2004)
Ning 3113 (Warner Music/Sony-BMG, 2006)

Non-Album Tracks

A Little Romancing
Antara Mungkin Dan Curiga
Joget Aidilfitri
Aduh Sayang
Bawa Daku Pergi (Silat Lagenda OST)
Spirit Of Life
Selamat Hari Raya
Bintang Impianku
Ungkapan Terindah
Melankolia (Anak OST)
Asal Menjadi Cantik (Magika OST)

Non-Album Tracks

Sabar Menanti (with Broery Marantika)
Curiga (with Fairuz Hussein)
Kau Untukku (with Kelvin Lau)
Puspasari Penawar Puteri (with Metalasia)
Lagu Gembira (with Jamal Abdillah)
Ning (with Najip Ali)
Mimpi (with Altimet)
Serumpun Tak Bisa Luruh (with M. Nasir and friends)
Di Akhir Garisan (with Nora, Ziana Zain and Dessy Fitri)
Mulanya Di Sini (with Freedom and Camelia)
Semarak Kedamaian (with Siti Nurhaliza, Hattan, Erra Fazira, Ezlynn and others)
Suluhkan Sinar (with KRU, Dayang Nurfaizah, Vince, Misha Omar and others)
Drama (with Nikki and Yanie)
Menanti Kasih (with Nas Adilla, Adam AF2, Awal Ashaari and Manik Purwakrisna)
Here In My Home (with Pete Teo, Atilia, Jaclyn Victor, Reshmonu and others)
Selamat Tinggal Magika (with stars of Magika)


Gemilang (1997)

Character: Ning plays Rita, an underated singer who is envious of her good friend, Julia who has a more successful music and film career. Rita tries to seduce Julia’s boyfriend and goes to extreme measures to end Julia’s career.

Directed by: Yusof Haslam

Also stars: Erra Fazira, Hans Isaac and Jalaluddin Hassan

Watch Ning Baizura in the role of Rita here.

Maria Mariana 2

Character: Ning plays Rozie, a pub singer who is involved in a syndicate dealing with ecstacy pills. Rozie wants out of the illegal business and blows the whistle on the syndicate.

Directed by: Yusof Haslam

Also stars: Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain and Awie

Watch Ning Baizura in the role of Rozie here.


Character: Ning plays Zetty, a madame who tricks her naive village friend Effa into prostitution.

Directed by: Yusof Haslam

Also stars: Nasha Aziz, Awie and Zamani Slam

Trivia: Ning earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Malaysian Film Festival for this role.

Watch Ning Baizura in the role of Zetty here.

Mimpi Moon

Character: Ning plays Nona, the sister of Moon, who is the main character of the film. Nona assists her father in producing traditional pain relief ointment from sea cucumber.

Directed by: Shuhaimi Baba

Also stars: Rashidi Ishak, Kavita Sidhu, Afdlin Shauki and Ida Nerina.

View movie here.

Malaikat Di Jendela

English title: Angel By My Window

Character: Ning takes on her first starring role as Hamidah, a village midwife who is ostracised by the villagers because of her AIDS-stricken husband.

Directed by: Osman Ali

Also stars: Saliza Ali, Soffi Jikan and Haeri Yanto

Trivia: Ning’s potrayal of Hamidah received rave reviews. This shortfilm enjoyed runs at Cannes, Rotterdam and Singapore film festivals.

Watch the Malaikat Di Jendela opening scene and snippets here.

Azura 2003 (Telemovie)
– (2003)

Character: Ning plays Azura in this new sequel. Azura is a movie made in 1984 featuring Jamal Abdillah and Fauziah Ahmad Daud. In this sequel the telefilm is about a professor who came back home from overseas, to have met his ex-girlfriend. Conflicts accures between them.

Watch Ning Baizura in the role of Azura here.

Lady Boss

Character: Ning plays the lead character, Sheila, an egoistic spoilt brat who takes up her father’s challenge to run his company. Sheila learns a lesson or two about humility from a wacky new employee Saiful and his best friend Mazlan.

Directed by: A. Razak Mohaideen

Also stars: Saiful Apek, Yusri Abdul Halim and Erra Fazira.

Trivia: Ning earned a Best Actress nomination at the Malaysian Film Festival for this role.

Watch Ning Baizura in the role of Sheila here.


Character: Ning plays Kartika, an international diva who returns to her homeland for unknown reasons. She mentors four aspiring singers, who form a group called Jiwa. Jiwa becomes a hit, but success makes them big-headed.

Directed by: Sharad Sharan

Also stars: Jeremy Thomas, Awal Ashaari, Adam AF2 and Balkish.

Trivia: Experts were brought in from Bollywood for the cinematography, scoring and choreography.

Watch the Diva movie trailers here.


English title: The Convert

Character: Ning plays the stepmother of two sisters who are trying to escape from their abusive father.

Directed by: Yasmin Ahmad

Also stars: Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Alesya, Brian Yap and Rahim Razali.

Trivia: The film won a Special Mention for Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film at the 2008 Tokyo International Film Festival.

Watch the Muallaf movie trailer here.


Character: Ning plays an overweight Puteri Gunung Ledang in this musical comedy which pokes fun at Malaysian legends and mythical characters.

Directed by: Edry Abdul Halim

Also stars: Diana Danielle, Mawi, Ziana Zain, Aznil Nawawi, Saiful Apek, M. Nasir, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Vanidah Imran, Nabil and Sharifah Amani.

Watch the Magika movie trailer here.


Cun! merupakan sebuah filem genre cinta, keluarga dan komedi yang diterbitkan pada 31 Mac 2011.

Directed by: Osman Ali

Also stars: Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Faezah Elai, Kartina Aziz, Mislina Mustafa, Ning Baizura & Nadiya Nissa.

Watch the Cun movie trailer here.

1996 — The Storyteller
2010 — Shout! The Mod Musical

1991 — Voice of Asia
1991 — Best Artiste Development Award
1993 — AIM Awards Best New Artiste
1993 — AIM Awards Album of the Year (Dekat Padamu)
1993 — Anugerah Juara Lagu: Best Song – Ballad Category (Curiga)
1994 — AIM Awards Best Pop Album (Ning)
1994 — Anugerah Juara Lagu: Best Song – Pop/Rock Category (Kau & Aku), award as lyricist
2003 — Anugerah ERA Choice Female Vocalist
2004 — AIM Awards Song of The Year (Selagi Ada Cinta)
2005 — AIM Awards Best Album Cover (Erti Pertemuan)
2005 — AIM Awards Best Music Video (Awan Yang Terpilu)
2005 — AIM Awards Song of The Year (Awan Yang Terpilu)
2005 — AIM Awards Best Pop Album (Erti Pertemuan)
2008 —Best Local Act for Voize.my
2008 — Most Stylish Celebrity for Cosmopolitan Magazine
2008 — 2010 Reef Check Ambassador
2009 — OSIM Ambassador
2009 — Instead Soft Cup Ambassador
2009/2010 — OLAY Regenerist Ambassador
2010 — Celebrity Hall of Music Ambassador
2010 — Malaysia Nature Society Ambassador Malaysia
2015 — The Brand Laureate - Country Branding Awards
2015 — The Global Leadership – Exellence in Entertainment

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